All You Need to Know about FUE Surgery

If you’ve been a victim of major hair loss due to unknown or medical reasons, it’s not too late to get it back again.

Hair transplant surgery has been in practice for a long time now with great results. 

FUE Hair transplant surgery is the one methods that might just be the foundation of better hair transplant technology in the future. We are almost at a stage where the whole process can be done by Artificial Intelligence in way less time. 

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The follicular unit extraction is a modern hair transplant technique. It requires the harvesting of hair follicles from the back side of the scalp which is known as the donor area. FUE enables the surgeon to extract each follicular unit one by one with the help of a micro punch. The punch size varies within a diameter of 0.7mm to 1.1mm and is available in a diverse range and depends on the characteristic of the patient’s hair.

FUE Surgery


Our primary focus is to enlighten you about hair transplant surgery and establish the best suitable technique for you to undergo the process. Hence, we promise to provide you with a cent percent accurate piece on the surgical process. There are five major hair transplant techniques that doctors follow across the globe:

  • FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction
  • FUT/ STRIP – Traditional Method
  • BHT & Repair – Body Hair Transplant (BHFUE)
  • PRP – Platelet-Rich Plasma
  • SMP – Scalp Micropigmentation

However, the FUE, FUT and BHT are the most recorded hair transplant technique in the world. Technological innovation in the field of medical and surgical developments has led to establish modern hair transplant techniques. These techniques are considered to be a healthy approach in hair transplant surgery wherein our doctors are able to transplant healthy natural follicular graphs/ units in hair loss areas of your scalp.


The Follicular Unit Extraction, popularly known as the FUE technique has been considered to be one of the healthiest approaches in modern hair transplant technique. It requires a careful extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in accurate scalp areas. The technique has been mastered by a trickle of doctors and we hold that repute with our doctors.


The extraction process in the FUE technique demands special attention of the surgeons in performing it. It’s required to ensure that there’s no visible drop of hair density in the donor area, in connection with the donor management modus operandi.  Special attention is given while extracting hair from the surrounding area in regard to this protocol.

The donor region is specifically regarded to the back side of the head which provides with a safer harvest area for the extracting individual follicular units. The FUE is considered to be a technique that is vigorously specific in nature. Medical surveys have established the fact that about 2500 to 3000 follicular graphs can be extracted and imbedded in a day.

This further denotes that the duration of the process would depend on the requirement of the patient. So if you’re going through minor to medium hair loss, your surgical method may accomplish within a few hours of a day. Whilst, major hair loss surgical may require you to visit for another couple of days.

The process can also be performed for patients with compromised donor area that may result from a previous inefficient FUT/strip surgery. It has been often observed that inefficient strip surgeries contribute to further hair loss problems among patients already suffering from it. We offer professional help to overcome such issues though FUE done by skilled and well-equipped doctors. Also, the process is considered to be less invasive as it doesn’t require the involvement of crucial surgical methods and complex equipment.

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Besides the FUE being a simple yet an attentive process, it requires a crucial analysis of you as a patient. If you’re willing to undergo the process for tending to your hair loss problems, there are a few things that you should know about it. You’ve learnt the methodology involved in the successful accomplishment of the technique but it requires a profound understanding of your skin, angles and direction of your hair. Once it’s accomplished, a surgical punch is then used to separate the follicular unit from other surrounding tissues. Also, the punch size is selected based on the characteristics of the patient’s hair.  Our doctors precisely work with specific and deliberate focus on your hair characteristics and perform an extraction of 25% to 30% per square centimeter.


The FUE follows an extraction pattern which is extremely vital to the technique. The term ‘cherry-picking’ is often associated with the technique for its attempt to extract follicular units in a pattern to avoid over-extracting follicular units from a particular composition of hair in a specific donor region. 


Your hair characteristic and the follicular unit composition decides your suitability for a being a FUE patient. It also determines the outcomes of your surgical treatment. If you’re detected with low hair groupings or insufficient density in donor region, or any other medical issue in your donor area, you may not be regarded as a suitable patient for the FUE technique.


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