Body Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which a plastic surgeon moves hair from one part of the body to the bald area of the scalp. These hair transplants usually occur under local anesthesia within the hospital or a community clinic. Receiving a hair transplant improves the appearance and self-confidence of the person.

There are many different hair transplant techniques that are suitable for candidates varying from different forms of baldness. One of these hair transplant techniques is Body Hair Follicular Unit Extraction (BHFUE).

What is Body Hair Transplant or BHFUE?

Body hair FUE (BHFUE) is the best minimally invasive way to restore the scalp hair when doctors are unable to perform the other hair transplantations due to certain limitations. Usually, body hair from the beard, trunk, and extremities can be used to treat scalp baldness when the patient is having inadequate amounts of hair.

Major Hair Transplant Techniques

Your doctor totally decides what hair transplant method and technique would suit you the best. However, the 6 most common and majorly done hair transplantations are:

  • FUE- FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION: It is the process of replacing the bald area of the scalp with healthy follicles extracted from any other appropriate body part.
  • FUT/STRIP: The doctor cuts a strip of hair from the rear part of the head and then after dissecting the strips into individual grafts, they are inserted into respective bald sites.
  • BHT & Repair-BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT (BHFUE): Body hair from other parts of the body is inserted into the scalp.
  • PRP-PLATELET-RICH PLASMA: Processed blood is injected into the scalp to promote the natural growth of hair.

What is the principle of Body Hair Transplant?

It works exactly on the principle of FUE except that the hair follicles are extracted from the other body parts instead of hairy scalp area. This procedure is recommended to those patients who are almost completely bald and their scalp hair is insufficient to be extracted and used in other scalp areas.

What type of hair can be used in BHFUE?

Hair is present in different areas of your body. Due to the variations in genetics, hair of different areas differ a lot in their characteristics, shape, and growth rate. Depending upon the source of hair used for transplant, the hair may grow slowly in the scalp area. Thus, before performing the transplant, hair compatibility is very much important.

Several research studies have shown that beard hair is the best and reliable donor source with an outstanding growth rate. Moreover, chest hair possesses a very short anagen phase and a very long telogen phase due to which it may take about six months to just grow 1-2 inches. It may also remain at the same length for several other years.

Having said about the pre-determination of the type of hair before performing the transplant, it is also worth mentioning that the color and curl of body hair must also match to a satisfactory degree in order to proceed further. Sometimes, the curl of the donor’s hair may differ from the natural curl of scalp hair, which can possibly make the patient look ugly afterward.

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Repair Procedures

We’ve mentioned details of the BHFUE technique above. Let us talk a bit about the repair procedures that are as much help as the treatment methods. BHFUE also provides repair procedures to those patients who are suffering from previous substandard surgery. However, they are quite difficult to perform and must be managed properly by well-qualified and highly experienced surgeons.

Why must highly qualified surgeons do hair transplants?

You can consult many doctors and go from clinic to clinic in search of a well-reputed and experienced surgeon. Let us make it clear that some qualified doctors with no experience in Hair Loss Surgery attempting to transplant hair would only give poor results. Also, there are people posing as doctors and doing hair transplants with horrific results. Thus, it is highly advised to find the best doctors for your hair transplant.

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