Are Hair Transplants Guaranteed to Work?

Are Hair Transplants Guaranteed to Work?
Hair Transplant is the best

Are you unhappy or self-conscious about your thinning hair or a bald scalp?
If so, you are probably exploring your treatment options.

You may have already been using topical products like minoxidil or medications like finasteride, but are less than impressed with your results.

Many people find that these products do little more than slow hair loss, while also having significant side effects like loss of libido.

Many people bypass conventional hair loss medications and consider getting a hair transplant.

But before undergoing any type of cosmetic procedure, you will likely have a number of questions that need answers so that you can make an informed decision.

What does a hair transplant involve?

During a hair transplant procedure, your surgeon will remove hair follicles from a thick patch of hair, like the back of your head. This area is referred to as the donor area. Your surgeon will then implant these hair follicles into areas of the scalp that have thinned or become bald.

Do hair transplant procedures work?

Hair transplants are quite a bit more successful than over-the-counter products. If you have a hair transplant, you can expect up to 80 percent of transplanted hair to grow back within four months. However, transplanted hair is just like regular hair in that it will eventually thin out.

Although individuals that may be completely bald, but have dormant hair follicles, have less effective transplants, a recent study found that plasma therapy can help most of the transplanted hairs grow back.

Although hair transplants have a high success rate, they do not work for everyone. They are mainly beneficial for those who need to restore hair when they are balding or naturally thinning. Hair transplants are typically performed using existing hair. Therefore, they are not as effective for those with:

  • Baldness and widespread thinning
  • Hair loss caused by chemotherapy or certain medications
  • Major scalp scars resulting from injuries

What type of success rates do typical hair transplant recipients have?

Although there are no large studies, some smaller hair transplant studies can provide some answers. One recent study showed that most people who underwent an FUE transplant were extremely satisfied with their results after a period of three years. The mean satisfaction score among the 79 participants in the study was an impressive 8.3 out of 10.

What are the latest options Available?

There are many procedures that may work for your specific situation. This includes FUE, FUT and other.

We have a whole article outlining each procedure in an article called “BEST HAIR LOSS TREATMENTS IN 2020


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Do Hair


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How do I choose the right surgeon to perform a hair transplant?

It may surprise you to learn that any licensed physician in the U.S. can perform this procedure legally, even if they have no previous surgical training or accreditation. But it is important to realize that there are a number of highly skilled and ethical physicians who can provide outstanding hair transplant procedures.

It is therefore very important to make sure that you hair doctor is firstly a qualified doctor, and secondly has experience in hair transplant procedures. There are a lot of unqualified people posing as hair loss doctors these days and the results can be catastrophic.

It is for that reason the we invite you to do a Free Online Hair Assessment so that we can direct you to a qualified specialist near you. We also have a professional hair loss specialist team that can answer any questions you have.

One thing to look for is if your prospective hair transplant doctor is able to provide before and after photos. This can give you a good idea of their skill level through looking at results from actual patients that have had hair transplants performed by that particular doctor. Make sure that the photos are taken under the same lighting and same angle.

You can also reach out to your state medical board to learn if any complaints were filed against your prospective transplant doctor.

Another good way to assess the capabilities of your potential hair transplant doctor is to take part in an initial consultation. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the procedure.

Get a Free Online Assessment

We invite you to complete a free, no-obligation Online Hair Loss Assessment. This will allow us to evaluate your photographs and based on the information that you provide, we will be able to offer the best solution for you.

The Takeaway

Today’s hair transplants have high rates of success when performed by a competent and experienced physician. But you must do some homework so that you find the doctor who is right for you and your individual needs and goals.

The easiest way to be sure that you get the right doctor in your area is to complete a Free Online Assessment, and we will assess your photos and come back with a vetted doctor near you, specializing in the procedure that fits your specific needs.

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